The Symbolism of our Logo:

Symbols are perhaps better when they are not explained but pondered.

If you take time to ponder this Logo you might notice lots of imagery:

- the mother and child in the centre, encircled by all that supports - family, community and faith.

- the outside is open to receive: others in the community or life from the Holy Spirit.

- the love, life and relationship between the mother and child, Jesus and Mary,encircled by Joseph's support and the life of the Trinity, flow outward open to the world and attract back toward the centre

- the blue reminds us these groups are under Mary's protection and the white is evocative of the Māori 'Hei-Matau' or stylised fish hook symbol. This represents strength, prosperity, abundance, fertility and a great respect for the sea.

- Mary is often called 'Star of the Sea' and our Lay Marist family journeys within the boat of Mary.