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1. Advent - Watching; Waiting; Longing - December 2018
Advent, Hope
Our deepest desire, planted within us, is our Advent desire for Christ.

2. God Sees You - November 2018
Mothers, Grief, Encouragement; Family
There are times when some mothers' struggles make them feel as if they are different or that they don't belong. God calls us to be attentive to these women and to encourage and build them up. (MM)

3. Giftedness - October 2018
Fullness of life, Christian Life, Gifts, God's pleasure,
Our own deep loves and desires, point the way to our best gifts, and we need to be aware of the gifts of others as well. To be a true gift from God, our gift has to be effective. (MM)

4. Sunday Mass Mayhem - September 2018
Christian Life, Family, Going to Mass with children
Taking children to Mass has always been challenging. This reflection explores how we can shift our perspective and be encouraged as we reflect on how God sees our Sunday efforts as a family. (MM)

5. Examen for Busy Mothers - August 2018
Motherhood, Christian Life, Examen prayer, consciousness of God
Sometimes we have a restricted idea of prayer. This reflection helps us to focus on how to be conscious of God and His love and goodness in our lives. (MM)

6. Mothering in the 21st Century - July 2018
Mothers, family, marriage, working mothers (MM)

7. Rejoice and Be Glad Exhortation - June 2018
Papal Documents, Christian Life

8. Loving People Just The Way They Are - May 2018
Christian Life

9. Mary Our Sister in Faith - April 2018
Mary, Marist Life

10. Sharing a piece of Heaven - March 2018
Lent/Easter, Hope

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