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September 2020
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Kia Ora Marist friends,

It's SPRING yet Auckland is just out of Level 3 and the country looking to be in Level 2 for some time as COVID 19 disrupts all our lives.

Prayer for the struggling is crucial as is online Mass and other initiatives. We also need commitment to fund and volunteer for caring agencies like Vinnies as they strive to support more families in crisis.

Hopefully many of you are meeting safely in homes. We have posted the reflection but no CD this month. Anyone who wants the podcast/MP3 version please email the office.

Stay safe. Blessings to all.

Bev, Margaret and Fr Chris


The NZ Catholic Bishops statement incorporates Laudato Si’, (care of our common home) themes, which embraces what Pope Francis calls ‘Integral Ecology’, highlighting the interconnectedness that exists between God, humanity and creation and recognizes how political, cultural, economic, social, and religious dimensions are interrelated. They also say “Protecting life, especially the lives of those most vulnerable - from the beginning to the end of life - should be a cornerstone for our nation now and into the future. Life through all its stages must be treated as a sacred taonga.”

The Bishops conclude, “Rather than thinking about what will benefit each of us personally regarding the election and referendum choices we face, we ask you to pray and discern what will protect the poor and vulnerable and what will uphold the dignity of creation so that we create a connected future for all without disregarding any of us.” (cf. Welcom Aug. 20)

We pray with the SMSM Sisters who mourn the death of Sr Josephine Gresham during lockdown.

An idea for September:

Join the Spiritual Rosary Pilgrimage - a worldwide pilgrimage focusing on key events of Jesus’ life in the scriptures, accompanied by His mother. It’s free but you need to register. Register now at

The 5th Anniversary of Laudato Si' - Care of Our Common Home.

The theme of Laudato Si’ is “everything is connected” and we are invited to enter a year-long journey of transformation, as we grow through the crisis of the current moment by praying, reflecting, and preparing together to build a better tomorrow. September is designated as a Season of Creation, in which Pope Francis invites all Catholics to celebrate an annual season of prayer and action for our common home. Share your plans and stories!

You can learn more at

To download the prayer card, click on

Marist Dates for September

Tue. 8th: Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Sat. 12th: Most Holy Name of Mary, Marist Patronal Day

Tues. 15th: Our Lady Of Sorrows

Tues. 29th: Feast of Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael

Catholics at home:

Australia’s Parramatta Diocese has created online platform that provides free, ‘on-demand’ inspiration.

Help Melsisi-Pentecost Island Marist Mission.

Cyclone Harold wreaked havoc on Melsisi in April.
We have 8 copies of Fr Craig Larkin’s beautiful spirituality and prayer book “An Inner Music”
We are making them available at $38.00 including P&P
ALL proceeds will go to the MARIST MELSISI MISSION

Deposit $38.00 into our account:

Marist Lay Movement - 02-0585-0079358-000
Particulars: Your surname
Reference: Inner Music
Please also send us an email confirming your address details.

If you don’t have internet banking, please send a cheque for $38.00 and your details, to Marist Laity, P.O Box 108-027,
Symonds Street, Auckland 1150

Marist Centre Auckland is beginning to take shape. The address is 4 Ophir St, Auckland, and we are on the first floor. Logos team will also be on the first floor once things get settled and the ground floor is being used by Vinnies and for Logos youth work. Our P.O Box is the same. Please continue to pray that Marist Laity flourish to better serve and share the gospel in New Zealand.


Pope's Prayer Intention for September
Respect for the Planet's Resources

We pray that the planet's resources will not be plundered, but shared in a just and respectful manner.

Please promote Living the Word They are wonderful for any age, young adult on, and suitable for small groups or individual reflection. In these days when attending Sunday Mass is impossible due to CV19, using reflections like these can nourish our faith.

Go to to sign up. There are posters for the parish noticeboard you can print or ask us for them.


Pope Francis speaks:

It is essential that we as a Church, be able to acknowledge and condemn, with sorrow and shame, the atrocities perpetrated by all those entrusted with the mission of watching over and caring for the most vulnerable.May fasting and prayer open our ears to the hushed pain felt by victims and make us hunger and thirst for justice and impel us to walk in
the truth, supporting all the judicial measures that may be necessary.Mary, the first of the disciples, teach all of us how we are to halt before the sufferings of the innocent, without excuses or cowardice.

You can read the full text of his letter on our home page and also
a link to The New Zealand Catholic Bishops letter is also available there.
CLICK HERE for the homepage.

If any of you need to talk in confidence about any of it you are welcome to ring Bev.

Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Marist Ministry
Marist Weekly BLOG

The Marist Fathers are offering a weekly reflection by weblog as a response to the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si. Links to it can be found on our Facebook page also. There are different articles from Marists around the globe, including New Zealand every week.

Click here to go to the Blog

NZ Marist Laity Commitment

I, ------------ bring myself today just as I am,
With the intention to live my ordinary life as a Lay Marist for 12 months from ------------------

I choose to be part of the Work of Mary
in the Marist family which bears her name.
I recognize that Mary calls me to portray
a Marian face of the Church in the world of today.
I desire, to make the Church friendly,
open and faithful to the Gospel.

I want to respond generously to the Holy Spirit
as Mary did.
In asking the Spirit of God to guide me every day,
I want to be a bearer of mercy, life, and hope
to all who are waiting to meet brothers and sisters
on their journey of life.
I will be particularly attentive to those
who are suffering and in need.

I acknowledge how small I am,
So, I put all my trust in God and in Mary.
I ask God, through Mary, for the strength, courage, and patience to be faithful to whatever God asks of me,
for the greater glory of God and the honour of Mary, mother of Our Lord Jesus.

Prayers for expectant Mothers

We love the feedback we get from those who requested prayer for expectant mothers - usually when difficulties have been overcome, but also in thanks to Mary for the birth of a baby:

"They had a boy, ... The good things and blessings that occurred at the time were overwhelming."

"A girl was born at 32 weeks ... This baby is a miracle baby ... 'Nothing shall be impossible to God'."

Thank you for your prayers at meetings and at home for these mothers and babies.



This prayer has been issued by the General Administration for use by those who wish to pray to the founder to ask his intercession.

God our Father, in your servant Jean-Claude Colin you gave your people a zealous priest and religious founder dedicated to serving the Church in the spirit of Mary.
We ask you for the glorification of your faithful servant in the midst of your Church and grant us the favour which we ask through his intercession.
This we ask through Christ Our Lord.

Icon of Marist Founder completed

The Studio of St John the Baptist, Auckland, NZ, has finished work on an official icon of Marist Founder, Jean-Claude Colin.
The icon features Fr Colin receiving a script from the Blessed Virgin indicating how the congregation he was to found would live 'under Mary's name' ('Sub Mariae Nomine').
The icon will be used on materials to promote the Cause for Beatification of Fr Colin.
For more details and a high definition copy of the image, see the Australian province web site.

Note about icons:
You will see how in the image, Fr Colin is looking at the Blessed Virgin. It is a convention in iconography that only a canonised saint is pictured looking out at the viewer. Other subjects look in towards the one who is in heaven.

Helping Our Work
Prayer is your most important gift, but finances are a fact of life.

If you have already sent us a donation Thank you!
You may wish to consider a collection at your meetings, every bit contributes to the cost of our production and mailing.

If you wish to make an online transfer please include your group name on the transaction and send a covering email to the office.

New Zealand Bank Account Number:
(BNZ) 02-0585-0079358-00

Thank you.

A Certain Way

This wonderful easy to read book containing snippets of Marist history and spirituality, all combined to form a coherent 'whole' is now available to read on the internet. There is a link from our web site (on the 'Links' page) or you can go there directly.
For those who prefer a 'real' bookwe still have some copies available of this book - cost $30 each, including NZ postage.(extra for overseas or you could obtain a copy from your local Province of the Society of Mary.)