Doing Mary's Work
Today is a time of great change

The conditions that apply to doing Mary's work are not conditions set by Marists but by Mary herself. It is work done on her terms.

Today is a time of great change, a new world is being born. These times are made for Marist mission; the work of Mary.

The type of work that Marists do is not what seems easiest or most attractive. Sometimes, it seems that it is suggested to us, as work that Mary might have done were she about, or what she might have realised needed doing. Marists try to do it simply - the way she would, herself.

The way Mary lived her life and went about her work inspires Marists to do the same. At the heart of Mary's work is an openness to all people, it excludes no one and is designed to enable men and women to grow and develop according to their truest call.

We are all weak, we sometimes slip up. The work of Mary is in evidence when mercy and compassion are present and the doorway to Jesus Christ is open with simplicity and inclusiveness.