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Do the needs and questions of our world today concern you?
Do you feel called to be part of the answer?
What help do you need to live as a disciple?
We have an Association of Mary Facebook group. Its to help people learn about this Marist approach to living the Christian life. If you use Facebook you are welcome. There is a constant flow of news, articles and updates so check it out or join the group.
To be a Marist in the world is to be like a bridge to souls and offers a sure way of living your Christian faith with confidence and deep compassion for others.
If you are on Facebook you can Join the Group here Or the Link below will take you to the Open Page. You can also Contact Us if you would like more information about becoming Marist.

Mary is inviting people to carry on her work in everyday life and offer Christian love, grace, mercy, reconciliation, forgiveness, truth and hospitality in her way.

Please pray for this venture.

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