Marian Mothers News
July 2018

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"Kia Ora Friends"

Wow it's cold! Hope you are all staying
safe and warm. Bev is in Taupo for first
week of holidays so will be wrapping up
warm. If you see her please say 'hi'.

July is Bible Month.

Free Resources at , some are good for families and children. It's also a great opportunity to check out Fr Frank Bird SM created these Sunday Mass reflections and discussion guides with a wide range of Scripture resources for Catholics. We now edit and manage the website. You might like to share them as a family or start a group for July and perhaps share the Scripture reflections in your parish.

Bev in Waitara

Bev was in Waitara on 30/31 May and it was great to see New Plymouth women come too. Mary Shepherd hosted us and we shared how things were in the Taranaki area and considered a Reflection Day.

Retreat Day Coming Up.

Fr Chris Skinner and Bev will be giving a day of reflection and renewal on "Finding Joy in Everyday Life" on 22 September in Waitara for the region. Mark the date 21-23 September. We are also planning a Friday evening gathering. Please pray that our time there brings renewal in faith and hope.


"Young people, the faith and vocational discernment"

The preparatory document for the October Bishops Synod in Rome has been published.
Young Catholics "want an authentic church", the document says. "With this, we would like to express, particularly to the church hierarchy, our request for a transparent, welcoming, honest, attractive, communicative, accessible, joyful and interactive community."
300 young people were at the March pre-synod meeting, and 15,000 participated online as well as over 100,000 who answered the questionnaire worldwide

We NEED a Photo of your Group

Please update us with your photo and group details

Please consider taking a photo of your group, with or without children.
A photo with a few words about your group is always the best thing to include in our newsletters so they are truly about what is happening for you.

Perhaps you have a group or family event planned for the winter. Please let us know and we can share the idea and it can encourage others.

This photo is an old one from Bryndwr. Please send in yours.

This Months Charter Focus
From Charter No. 5

When a mother co-operates with God and
His loving plan for herself and her family,
she is nurtured by the Holy Spirit.
She becomes holy; is a blessing and
a grace for her family and others.

"The Spirit of God has made His home in you." Romans 8:9

Our Lady of Good Hope:

Please remember to pray for mothers and babies, especially those dedicated to Our Lady of Good Hope.

It is good to encourage families to register their unborn or newborn babies. They can write to us with the parents' names/address and we will send a card to them. A stamped self-addressed envelope is appreciated or a small donation to cover costs, but the ministry is free. The simplest way to do it is on this Marist Laity website.

Dedicating children to Our Lady's care is a Marist ministry valued by parents and we often hear wonderful testimonies of how Grace has worked in their lives. It also offers a simple way to offer love and welcomes families both in and outside the church in a relaxed way.

Existing parish posters have the old address so new posters will be sent progressively over the coming months.

Little handout cards are also available and if you want them please contact Vanessa.

Thank you for remembering these mums and babies in your prayers.

Go gently with Mary, Bev and Vanessa

Pope Francis' Prayer Intention for July 2018

Priests and their Pastoral Ministry

That priests, who experience fatigue and loneliness in pastoral work, may find help and comfort in intimacy with the Lord and in their friendship with brother priests.

Living the Word:

Many of you remember Fr Frank Bird SM. He set up a weekly Scripture Guide for the Sunday readings called "Living the Word". Marist Laity NZ has accepted responsibility for this Resource, freeing Fr Frank for other initiatives.

You can sign up for reflections at

These are ideal for either individuals or groups and can be used equally well before or after each Sunday Mass. Check it out and share it in your parish. While targeted to younger adults it is ideal for all age groups.

Women to Women Marian Mothers

Women to Women Marian Mothers has its own Facebook page. It's a way to introduce people to Marian Mothers and get up to date information and resources. We would love those of you on social media to use it and share what is happening in your groups.

Please send in stories and photos of your groups.
Keep warm in body and spirit, Bev and Vanessa


I honour you by trusting you enough to tell you how I feel,
what my deep convictions are,
what I really think.

I do not imply that you should think or feel
like me or agree with me.

I hope you will listen to me and accept me as I am.

Please don't try to solve my problem,
or judge me, or change me.

I would like to experience
acceptance and reverence
when I share something of myself.

Confidentiality is essential.
Each must be aware that what is said in the group
is not discussed or mentioned outside the group.

Beatification of Fr Colin SM

The Cause for the Beatification of Fr Colin SM, Marist Founder, has moved a step closer.

We encourage you to spread devotion and prayer to Fr Colin.

Resources for this and more information can be FOUND HERE

Ongoing prayer is your most important gift but donations also help support this ministry and are tax deductible if you request a receipt.

If you have already done so, thank you.

If not, your group or individuals may be able to contribute.
You could send a cheque to: Marist Lay Movement
or Direct Credit our BNZ Bank Account:
02 0585 0079358 00

We are grateful for all your support.


See what Pope Francis is saying about the importance of celebrations in family life.