Marist in Everyday life and Family
Your Invitation to Explore

To be Marist is to want to encounter Jesus, to love, serve and follow him in Marys way and to share his love with others. We encourage the spiritual growth of families, lay groups and individuals wishing to grow in their Christian journey. Mary wants to gather everyone into Gods family and all are welcome.

HOW DO I GET STARTED? Pray about it. Take time to read and reflect on the material on this website. Connect with others who you think may be interested. Join the Facebook page and start interacting with others. Come to a Marist themed retreat. Ring, write or email the Office and talk to us. You may fit in an existing group or be led toward something to suit your own parish, group or situation: talk to us and stay open to possibilities as you pray. Enquiries from individuals, families or groups are always welcome. Contact Details are here

Explore more here: on other pages of this web site.

All the range of groups connected through the Marist Association of Mary and this web site are resourced by the Society of Mary in New Zealand as part of their outreach to the wider community.

We have books and leaflets available (some free of charge).

You may wish to access the wonderful resource book by Craig Larkin SM, now online A Certain Way , associated Marist Family sites or check out Marist Spirituality

The Icon of Our Lady of Tenderness pictured on this page was commissioned for the Work of Mary.
Cards of the Icon are available for purchase.

Lapel pins ($5 each) for those who wish to publicly identify themselves as lay Marists, having made the personal commitment to this spirituality. Have a look and get in touch if you would like to know more or connect with others living this way of Mary.

Blessings together with Mary, from the Association of Mary team.