Our Lady Mother of Tenderness Icon Cards

Standard size greeting cards of the Icon of Our Lady of Tenderness shown here are available for purchase

$15.00 for ten. Postage and packing included.
The inside is blank so can be used for any kind of greeting.

They have our Marist Logo on the back and the Icon name Our Lady of Tenderness
She who points the way

The icon is from the Studio of St John the Baptist, commissioned by Bev in 2012 'for the work of Mary' and was blessed and anointed with the following prayer:

Ever gracious God, look upon this icon which Your servants have written in honour and glory of You, one God glorified in the Holy Trinity, Your only begotten Son our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Lady the most pure, blessed Mother of God, and in the memory of Your saints. Bless and sanctify it, give it the power of healing and driving away all that might burden us. Grant that all who pray before it may be heard. Confer on it the mercy of Your love for humanity, and grant to it Your grace, for You are our sanctification. To you we give glory, the Father, the Son and to the Holy Spirit, both now and forever. Amen
Bev makes the Icon available for people to pray with and it is possible to have your name added to the book of intentions so that your needs are gathered under Mary's name and the intercession of Father Jean Claude Colin, Marist Founder. Contact us about this.

Orders for the cards can be sent to: bev@maristlaitynz.org

If you wish to send a cheque, please make payable to Marist Laity NZ and mail to:

Marist Laity, P.O. Box 108027, Symonds St, Auckland 1150
Payment can also be made by bank transfer within New Zealand. Our account number is: 02-0585-0079358-000

Please indicate payment method when ordering and remember to include your mailing address for sending the cards.