Prayer for those Expecting a Baby

Or those who want to consecrate a new born to the care of Our Mother Mary.

One of the strong traditions of Marist Laity since its beginnings has been to pray for pregnant mothers, unborn children and babies, consecrating them to Mary's care.

In New Zealand through our devotion to Our Lady, Mother of Good Hope we continue this gift or prayer. Requests are sent to our Marist Laity office, with names of those requesting the card as well as the names & address of the expectant parents or new born baby.

These names are written in our prayer register at Marist Centre and they are prayed for throughout the pregnancy and beyond. Members of the Marist Family, both religious and Laity throughout the country, are praying in unison for these mothers and babies.

We encourage you to request prayer for your own baby or someone you know who is expecting. We also ask you to continue this Marist prayer mission, both personally and perhaps when you meet as a group.

For more information or to request a prayer card, go to our Mother of Good Hope Page (Above)