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11. Jean Vanier - Arms Wide Open - August 2019
Community, Virtues, Feeding the hungry
Jean Vanier - founder of the L'Arche communities, was a spiritual giant who longed to help people know and live with Jesus. This month we read how he did this - through encounters with the poorest and weakest in society, particularly those with mental illness. (MM)

12. Lectio Divina - Bible Month - July 2019
The Bible, Holy Spirit, Reading; Meditation; Prayer; Contemplation
The Church has a long spiritual practice of reading Scripture slowly in a way that allows us to listen to a word or phrase that seems to ‘speak’. It is a personal way of listening to the Holy Spirit, and becoming spiritually attentive to the Word touching us inwardly. (MM)

13. Travelling Together - June 2019
Community, Faith, Eucharist, Eternal mystery
Over our lifetime we are invited to keep growing into the fullness of 3-fold conversion - moral, intellectual and heart. On that journey, we are not meant to be alone. There is always more to grow into and we need to keep moving forward together. (MM)

14. Feasting in God's Delight - May 2019
Gifts, God's pleasure
God is extravagant, lavish and his generosity is overflowing. He longs to give pleasure joy, comfort and delight to his people in super-abundance. (MM)

15. Being Made Welcome - April 2019
Virtues, Christian Life, Community
When we are made welcome, we feel blessed and honoured. It is important that we are welcoming to visitors and to those in our church communities, without expecting to be 'repaid' (MM)

16. St Joseph - March 2019
Saints, family, Faith, hope, love
St Joseph left a legacy to all. Inspirational in his role as father to Jesus and protector of the Holy Family, we can learn a great deal from his humility, kindness and great faith. (MM)

17. Smallness - February 2019
Christian Life, outreach; personal faith development
Tiny irritations in life - like little foxes - can sometimes build up and destroy our composure. With God's grace, we can become attuned to hurting humanity, and how we can provide a word or a touch to those who need our understanding. (MM)

18. Advent - Watching; Waiting; Longing - December 2018
Advent, Hope
Our deepest desire, planted within us, is our Advent desire for Christ.

19. God Sees You - November 2018
Mothers, Grief, Encouragement; Family
There are times when some mothers' struggles make them feel as if they are different or that they don't belong. God calls us to be attentive to these women and to encourage and build them up. (MM)

20. Giftedness - October 2018
Fullness of life, Christian Life, Gifts, God's pleasure,
Our own deep loves and desires, point the way to our best gifts, and we need to be aware of the gifts of others as well. To be a true gift from God, our gift has to be effective. (MM)

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