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21. Reflections - After Madrid - November 2015
Marist Life, Christian Life
Sharing the spirit and dynamism felt at the conference for Lay Marists in Madrid, August 2015. How does this relate to Marian Mothers groups?

22. MM Charter 9 Mary Mother of the Church - October 2015
Mary, Motherhood
The final Charter reflection is about 'Mary, Mother of the Church, and our mother too. How is her 'yes' related to our 'yes' to God?

23. MM Charter 8 - Reaching Out & Receiving - September 2015
New Groups Introduction, Motherhood
There are situations in life when we are alone and vulnerable. It can be hard to reach out for help and companionship, which is why we need to look out for those hiding in the shadows, as well as remembering to seek help for ourselves when we need it.

24. MM Charter 7 Nurturing a Love for Christ - August 2015
New Groups Introduction, Family (MM)

25. MM Charter 5 Co-operating with God - July 2015
New Groups Introduction, Christian Life
When we co-operate with God, our life as a mother becomes a blessing for all around us, as well as ourselves (MM)

26. MM Charter 6 St Joseph - Guardian - June 2015
New Groups Introduction, Saints
"The family is the basic unit of society". Saint Joseph is sometimes a forgotten saint, but he can be a role model and inspiration for fathers and a protector for all families. (MM)

27. MM Charter 4 - Loved by God - May 2015
New Groups Introduction, Christian Life
We are loved individually by God, but we still have natural human emotions. Did Mary also feel alone/lonely or other emotions we may have? What can we learn from her? (MM)

28. MM charter 3 - Becoming a Child of God - April 2015
New Groups Introduction, The Sacraments
Baptism makes marks us forever as Children of God. We can call on the graces of baptism throughout our life and also on behalf of our children. (MM)

29. MM Charter 2 - Partners in Creation - March 2015
New Groups Introduction, Pro Life Issues
Life is from the first moment of conception and parents are partners with God in creation.

30. MM Charter 1 - Motherhood is a gift of God - February 2015
New Groups Introduction, Motherhood
First of a series reflecting on the 9 Marian Mothers Charter principles - motherhood is a gift of God, accepted in faith, lived in hope and fulfilled in love. (MM)

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