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1. A Spiritual Spring Clean - September 2013
Year of Faith, Christian Life
Just like the creepy crawlies that can invade our physical home, spiritual nasties (sins & bad habits) can move into our spiritual life. A good spring clean is called for! (MM)

2. I was in need … Hospitality in our Parishes - May 2014
Papal Documents, Christian Life
Hospitality & care for others is a key Christian virtue - this is reiterated in Evangelii Guadium (MM)

3. least the boy was saved - February 2008
Christian Life, Great Christians
In the same week were the funerals of Sir Edmund Hillary, whom the world recognises as a hero, and Jeremy Gray, a previously unknown Marist seminarian, who gave his life saving a young boy. We reflect on heroism and Christian sacrifice. (MM)

4. ' pray for the dead' - November 2005
Communion of Saints
(See II Maccabees 12.44) Why do we pray for our dead? Some thoughts on what this achieves for us and them, and how our manner of death is important for our community. These thoughts are taken mainly from the writings of Fr Ron Rolheiser OMI. (MM)

5. 'Acts of God?' - February 2005
Christian Life
This meeting asks how we can understand the Asian Tsunami of 2004 from a Christian persepctive. Where is God in life's tragedies, great or small? (MM)

6. God wants me to be - June 2005
Family, Christian Life
Patrica tells her personal story of coping with a broken marriage and how she came to understand God's will for herself and her family. (MM)

7. A Home Like Nazareth - September 2006
Family, Encyclicals
At the meeting in Valencia, Spain in 2006, Pope Benedict XVI spoke on the importance of family life. You are invited to reflect on parts of this address.

8. A Lenten Feast - March 2007
A prayer and reflection session for Lent on Repentance, Love and The Cross (MM)

9. A New Beginning - March 2012
Christian Life, Affirmation
Depsite being born into a country where native Romanian Catholics were persecuted, Anca found faith through the example and teaching of Hungarian nuns in her community. (MM)

10. A New Era of Ecumenism - June 2014
Papal Documents, Interfaith dialogue
Pope Francis agrees "The credibility of the Christian message would be much greater if Christians could overcome their divisions." How can we work towards this goal?

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