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11. Mary's Impact on Youth Today (1) - May 2019
Marist Life, Identity, Mission, Global family
Marist Youth were invited to deepen their connection to the Marist identity through lenses of community, interiority, solidarity and mission. We, too, can weave our Marist identity and mission into our everyday life. (TO)

12. Being Made Welcome - April 2019
Virtues, Christian Life, Community
When we are made welcome, we feel blessed and honoured. It is important that we are welcoming to visitors and to those in our church communities, without expecting to be 'repaid' (TO)

13. St Joseph - March 2019
Saints, Family, faith, hope, love
St Joseph left a legacy to all. Inspirational in his role as father to Jesus and protector of the Holy Family, we can learn a great deal from his humility, kindness and great faith. (TO)

14. Smallness - February 2019
Christian life, outreach; personal faith development
Tiny irritations in life - like little foxes - can sometimes build up and destroy our composure. With God's grace, we can become attuned to hurting humanity, and how we can provide a word or a touch to those who need our understanding. (TO)

15. Advent - Watching; Waiting; Longing - December 2018
Advent, Hope
Our deepest desire, planted within us, is our Advent for Christ. (TO)

16. A Little is a Lot in God's Hands - November 2018
Christian Life; Virtues; Community; Feeding the hungry
Jesus's feeding of the crowds stands out and challenges us as disciples. We must, like the disciples, learn the value of small people and small things. (TO)

17. Young Marists on Mission - October 2018
mission, Marist Life, outreach; personal faith development
Do you sometimes wonder what you can do to make this world a better place? Magdalena Webb, a young Marist woman working for the Logos Project,(a Marist Youth Development organization, recalls a recent immersion experience in Brownsville, on the border of Mexico, and the inspiration it was to their group. (TO)

18. An Octagenarian Reflects - September 2018
Christian Life, Jesus/Relationship with Jesus, Sr Marie Challacombe SM
Does the aging process loom over you? Are you sometimes frustrated with your bodies frailty? Sr Marie reflects on aging from her own experience and shares her insights into the spiritual and personal growth which aging invites us to embrace. (TO)

19. Freedom for Mission - August 2018
Marist Life, Family, Marriage, Christian life, freedom, mission
Our Marist vocation is to go from place to place. What can this possibly mean for Laity? This reflection tries to break open that question. (TO)

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