...how God wants me to be


Begin the meeting with the sign of the Cross.

Someone then read this passage of Scripture: (Psalm 62 Jerusalem Bible)
“In God alone there is rest for my soul. From him comes my safety;
with him alone for my rock, my safety, my fortress, I can never fall.
Rest in God alone, my soul! He is the source of my hope;
with him alone for my rock, my safety, my fortress, I can never fall;
rest in God, my safety, my glory, the rock of my strength.
In God I find shelter; rely on him, people, at all times;
unburden your hearts to him; God is a shelter for us.”

Read the script

June 2005 Marian Mothers by Patricia from Wellington

In October 2004, I spoke at the Marian Mothers’ Retreat at Otaki. The theme was “From a Mother’s heart: stories of God’s faithfulness”. I have been asked to repeat what I said for a monthly reflection. Here it is.

I am a 45 year old mother, raising two small daughters, aged three and 19 months. Sadly, over two years ago, I had to make a decision for the well being of all of us and that was to separate from my husband. I had prayed without ceasing, every day, for my husband to be the loving, caring and devout Christian I thought I had married. Time after time, I would believe in my husband and trust him to begin again. However, repeatedly he would fall back into destructive habits. I kept feeling so deeply disappointed. What I wanted was – to be a happily married woman with her family intact, but God had His plan for us. It was hard for me to accept that I was to be a single Catholic parent. I felt I had failed my children not knowing my husband better before we were married.

Continually, I kept praying to God, invoking the Holy Spirit, Our Lady, and St Joseph. I knew that God was guiding me to go it alone. “Trust in Me,” God was telling me. I did. “Be not afraid.” I kept hearing. I was listening. So I began to refocus my attention to what I needed to do for me and my girls. We needed a home, a bigger car and a new start. God saw to it all.

What God also did was bring “The Purpose Driven Life” -what on earth am I here for, a book by Rick Warren, to my attention. A wonderful mother of six and grandmother of 14 asked me if I would meet with her daily for 40 days to journey through this book. We laughed, we cried, we shared our joys and our pains. We revealed to one another through this experience with God, what we were all about. It all became much clearer – what we had done, what we are doing and what we are going to do….

A lovely Marian mother at the retreat in October asked me what do I do when I am feeling low? Well, I truly believe in God’s plans for me. I make sure I spend lots of time with God, listening, and talking to him. I try to manage getting to Mass some time during the week and always on Sundays. My daughters and I pray in the car, at home, anywhere. We give lots of thanks and praise to God and ask for lots of help too. It seems God won’t allow for the low times, while a very valid place to be, to take hold for too long.

Almost all my reading is spiritual encouragement. When we don’t get to Mass, I read from the Daily Missal and I benefit enormously from Word for the Day, Radio Rhema’s three monthly inspirations. Being constantly in touch with God, reinforces my life’s journey.

I have learnt that what I would like is not always what God wants. I thank God for these experiences that teach me to be a better person and to become closer and closer to how God wants me to be.

“Where God finger points,
God’s hand will always
make the way.”


Share your Responses:

* Is there anyway in which you relate to this story?
* If you know of others in a similar situation, how could you support them? (Both wife or husband )
* Have you experienced a time when you knew the “right” outcome but God showed you another way?
* How do you receive encouragement and direction when faced with decisions?

Prayer Time

Pray for the things that you wish and share them in prayer


Say together the Serenity Prayer.

Or those who have the “Serenity” CD by Chris Skinner sm may wish to play the track of that name (No 5) at this time.

God, grant to me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
God, grant to me the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

A good formula for happiness is:
A peaceful mind,
A grateful heart,
A love for all that is true,
A helping hand,
Real tolerance,
And lots of things to do.”