Kia Ora friends,


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Lots has happened since we last connected but at least we got through most of summer without a Covid lockdown and pray the Northland case is quickly contained. We know some of you have been dealing with fires, earthquakes or unusually hot weather plus concern for loved ones who are ill or have died in Covid ravaged parts of the world. We place all these concerns in God’s mercy and Mary’s tender care.                              Blessings and prayer, Bev, Margaret and Fr Chris


Bishop Paul Martin ++

Pope Francis appointed Christchurch Bishop, Paul Martin SM, to the role of Coadjutor Archbishop of Wellington in early January. He will assist Cardinal John Dew.

It must have come as a shock to the people of Christchurch but Archbishop Martin will maintain his southern connection by acting as Apostolic Administrator of Christchurch until a new Bishop is appointed

We keep Bishop Paul in our prayers.





AUCKLAND LENT Reflection Day  4 Ophir Street Newton.

Saturday 27th Feb – 10:30-3:00 pm.

Max. number 20RSVP essential by 21st Feb.

Bring your own lunch. Tea, coffee, etc provided.




Retreat and Reflection Day Opportunities in 2021.

We plan to visit much of the country at least once this year so please contact Bev NOW about preferred dates for a visit or reflection day, Covid permitting.



CoVid Vaccines:

To counter misinformation we encourage you to read the extensive information provided by the Church in the following link with an open heart. Go HERE:…/bishops-support-covid…/     We are free to follow our own conscience on the matter. However as Catholics we do need to give weight to the Church position and take into account all factors, check the veracity of the voices we listen to, and consider the societal implications and the consequences for the most vulnerable in our decision. Discernment means being attentive to the Holy Spirit, willing to hear voices we may find uncomfortable and to hold our own starting position lightly with humility. So whether you are anti-vaccinations in general, particularly cautious about Covid vaccines or totally convinced and ready to have it tomorrow, please be open and read, reflect, pray on the material and information the church has provided to assist our decision making.



We pray for families, children and grandchildren as they head to new schools, universities & workplaces.

We remember those impacted by Covid 19 in NZ and abroad.

We pray for all expectant mums and their babies, especially those dedicated to Our Lady of Good Hope.



Marian Mothers Charter 7

A Christian mother nurtures a love for Christ in her children and

        encourages them to live a Christ-like life.

…Jesus increased in wisdom, in stature and in favour with God and people.”

Lk 2:52





Pope’s February Prayer Intention – Violence Against Women

We pray for all women who are victims of violence;
may society protect them and ensure
their suffering and needs are taken seriously.