Mother of Good Hope

Mary’s Care for Mothers and Babies

PRAYER for Mothers, Family and Baby

Pregnancy, birth and raising children can be a time when we appreciate support

The Marist Family, Lay and Religious, will dedicate mother, family and baby to the care of Mary Mother of Good Hope. This gentle ministry has always been a part of our mission. This means they will receive ongoing prayer before the Blessed Sacrament for a safe delivery, a life of grace and the gift of belonging in the family of God.

Please fill in the “Request a Prayer Card” form below. We send a prayer card to the parents (post or email) and dedicate them under Mary’s care throughout the pregnancy and beyond.

Feel free to include brief information for prayer if you feel its important, your own name, and/or special message and we will then let the recipient know you made the prayer request for them.

You are welcome to register newborn babies and sensitive situations needing prayer. Simply leave a note including any special circumstances so the appropriate message can be included in their card.

There is no charge for prayer to Our Lady of Good Hope, however, if you are able to make a small donation toward costs we are grateful.

Join Us in Prayer for Expectant Mothers

You may wish to pray for the expectant mothers and their babies

Loving God, we rejoice in the gift of life
that you have given.
Look with love upon this mother and her child:
pour out your blessing upon her
and guide her and her family throughout her life.

Please bring mother and baby
through a safe delivery
and guide the minds, hearts and hands
of all those involved in their care.

Grant that her child will grow in wisdom,
age and grace in Your presence
and before all people and
discover the joy of belonging in your family.

Mary, Mother of Good Hope,
you understand the concerns of mothers
and the needs of all God’s children;
please pray for all those
committed to your care and protection.

We praise you God of all life
and make this prayer through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

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