November is the month we remember those who have died, so in Bev’s reflection on grief, we read that the deep sorrow we experience at the death of one we love, needs to be acknowledged and worked through, and we cross a threshold from our old life to the new. Grief teaches us that our lives are not about us, and invites us to solidarity, mercy and deep journeying with one another.

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Marian Mothers Charter No. 5

When a woman co-operates with God and His loving plan for herself and her family,

she is nurtured by the Holy Spirit. She becomes holy;

is a blessing and a grace for her family and others.

 “The Spirit of God has made His home in you.” Romans 8:9


  • What strikes you most from the reflection?

  • When have you been companioned in grief or journeyed with someone suffering loss?

  • What has been helpful for you in acknowledging or memorializing your losses?

  • From your experience what is the gift of grief and what can we do to build communities where those gifts are lived and shared?

  • Pray for anyone you know of who is experiencing loss or grief.


  Pray with and for each other then conclude with this prayer.  

God of Mercy and Compassion, Your presence and faithfulness in times of loss console me. I come seeking Your warmth and comfort. 

Help me not to pull away when others offer compassion and the gift of gentle support. Thank you for the hope I can have in You and for the gift of community. Help me when hope grows dim or I cannot pray as I used to. 

Help me to know that you hear and cherish the deepest anguish of my heart.  Lord embrace all who mourn and give them the gift of Mary’s prayer and care.  Lead us Lord to become companions of mercy and healing presence for each other in Your Holy name. Amen.