Kia Ora Lay Marists, Marian Mothers & friends

How are you all doing? Covid is wreaking havoc on so many aspects of normal living. August 17th when NZ heard ‘Delta’ had arrived now seems long ago. We particularly feel for those who cannot use things like Zoom or Skype; or for those managing school children and home learning.  Technology has it’s limits and can be frustrating but at least it lets us feel a little more connected.

We continue to pray that the whole country can open up and the pandemic passes. Many are enduring the ongoing struggle of separation from loved ones or trying to get back to New Zealand.  Fr Frank Bird SM is in Thailand trying to get a ‘lotto’ place in MIQ. Please pray for him. We place all these needs in Mary’s care and prayer. 

Sadly there is no travel likely this year. Bev and Margaret are working from home for you. Like so many, Bev is also home schooling. Online meetings can be arranged, so contact us if you would like something for your group or area. We will offer an ADVENT Reflection on Zoom so please watch your emails for details. Be safe and stay connected with God and each other in every way you can as we pray for an end to the pandemic.

 Blessings from Fr Chris, Bev and Margaret



For an easy-to-read PDF version of the Marist Laity news, click HERE

For an easy-to-read PDF version of the Marian Mothers news, click HERE




NOVEMBER: All Saints, All Souls and Christ the King    We pray this

month for deceased members of our families, friends, groups or Marist family. On

November 15th (1875) we remember the death of Fr Jean Claude Colin, Marist Founder.

Also on that day in 1845 Marie-Francoise Perroton sailed for Oceania.  She was the first of

the pioneer women who became the Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary.

If you would like Mass prayed for deceased Marist Laity, family, Marian Mothers or Third

Order members, email names to us by Nov.13th. We will include them in a Mass on or

soon after the 15th.







Synod 2021-23: Pope Francis Wants to

Hear from YOU!  

‘Toward a Synodal Church: communion, participation and mission,’ is the  title of the global Catholic Synod

running for 2 years (2021-23). ‘Synodal’ means to ‘journey together’ so a synod asks us to walk together, with the

Holy Spirit while listening to each other, to God and the great needs of the world we are called to serve as the

missionary People of God.

This global synod asks everyone to listen creatively to the Holy Spirit as we envision the Church of the future where all are welcome and nobody is left behind. YOUR VOICE MATTERS!      Individual responses are welcome. But ideally, your response will be from a group who have prayed and reflected together.

 All the details are available here:  or go to your diocesan website and look for the ‘Synod’ link.  If you need help you could contact Bev or your parish.



Living the Word Sunday Mass reading reflections are at

and are a help when we cannot attend Mass in person.





Listen Online to Spirituality Classics

Facebook allows live video so in Level 4 Bev read aloud 10-10:30 a.m. from: The Reed of God, by Caryll Houselander. To hear the book in half hour segments go to Marist Association of Mary facebook group and look for “The Reed of God”. It’s an insightful reflection on Mary within her own time and how this can be a help for us today. It allows you to share about Mary.

 We really need your feedback on this including whether such initiatives are worthwhile after lockdowns?





Pope’s November Prayer Intention  – People Who Suffer from Depression

We pray that people who suffer from depression or burn-out will find support

and a light that opens them up to life.


Mary, Mother of Good Hope.

A reminder to dedicate pregnant mothers and babies to Mary Mother of Good Hope.(

The Marist Family, dedicate mother, family and baby to the care of Mary. They receive ongoing prayer for a safe delivery, a life of grace and the gift of belonging in the family of God. Also a prayer to join with.

All are welcome – please share the invite widely.

The year of St Joseph runs till December. How are you bringing St Joseph into your life?




You, your ideas and both personal and community actions are needed.

Please share proposals or actions with us at the office so you can encourage others. I will add more material as it becomes available.

NZ’s Climate Commission Work.

The NZ Arch Diocese of Wellington is encouraging NZ Catholic’s to get involved. Check it out here- New Zealand’s Climate Commission work ‘absolutely vital’.