Begin with Prayer

then Read

Philippians 4:8-9

Think on These Things
Friends, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think on these things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me, put into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

Read the Scripture again quietly to yourself. Notice a word, phrase, or sense that touches you.

Marist Moment:

In the Third Order Association of Mary, Mary extends her arms to every age, sex, condition, degree, shade of meaning, which can be found in souls. Men, fathers, young men, children, women, mothers, young women, little children, those who are advancing, beginning, strong, weak, sinners, impious, even the children still enveloped in the misfortune of original sin.
Ed Keel, “A Book of Texts…”. 120 p.65

Read the reflection

Presented by Bev McDonald

Hello everyone. It’s fast drawing to the end of, what for me, at least, and also for the world, has been a complex and difficult year in many ways. But it’s also had amazing highlights and moments of great joy. On our computers we push the reset button. We de-frag it when it’s getting cluttered, and some years ago I found on the internet a sheet which I’ve amended a little, called 10 ways to push the reset button on your day. And so this month, I’d like to share it with you.

My young man is getting towards the end of his primary school years and is about to start Intermediate next year, so there is a whole range of end-of-school, end-of-year and transitioning to a new school that is looming and has already started.

You also know that both my mother and my brother passed away earlier this year. So it’s really been a roller coaster for me, and I have used these 10 ways to push the reset button on your day regularly and found them incredibly helpful. I don’t use every one every day, but I have them pinned up in my room and in my journal and I try to read them and think hmm… what am I lacking at the moment? What do I need to push a reset on? I’m not going to read them out for you. I think it’s better if you have the sheet in front of you to take home and also share it around the room, so take turns reading each one – then pause for a moment and pass on to someone to read the next one. There’s 10 of them and however you share them together in the group – there’s something of a smorgasbord to help bring refreshment to your body, mind and soul. For me, they have been a lifesaver in these past few months.

So I encourage you to look at them – reflect on which of these resets you may have used recently, which have you never thought of, and would like to try. Is there something that you use, for re-setting your day, your week, that isn’t on that list? Share it and perhaps even let the office know, so we can amend the list. And just what are the ways that practical resets like this help us, and help those we love? They apply to both men and women, but if there are specific things that don’t work for you, that need a tweak, please pass them back to the office, so that we can keep this as something that we share from time to time, to remind us about de-fragging, and pushing the reset button on our days, so that we can be more open to God, more open to one another, and more available to the Holy Spirit, as Mary was.

God bless, take care,

TEN Ways to Push the RESET Button on Your Day

Some days everything just flows. Other times, it seems like life hits a brick wall. Whether it’s a case of the blahs, distractions keeping us from focusing, a snag in something we’re working on, or an intense family or health issue, it’s good to step aside to change perspective and often a reset button helps. We need to refresh the mind, rejuvenate the body, and replenish the spirit.

Like rebooting a computer or restarting an electronic device to clear out issues and begin anew, if there were a way to clean the slate midway through a challenging day, or week we would be happy right?
Prepare to be refreshed in your spirit!

1. Eat a healthy snack. I’m not talking about a low-fat, I’m-on-a-diet snack. I’m talking about a high protein snack that will fill your belly, give you energy and help sharpen your mind. What is your favourite?

2. Take a power nap. Set an alarm for 15-20 minutes, lie down on your back with your knees propped up (if possible), close your eyes and rest. You may or may not actually sleep. It’s the rest that matters. Just make sure to get up with the alarm. Don’t stay there it can make you feel lethargic and flat. But also focus on getting to bed and getting up on a regular time pattern and aim to get 8-9 hours’ sleep most nights.

3. Spend some time reflecting (pondering-not worrying). Taking time to be aware of your physical body, emotions, and thought processes can be both enlightening and enervating. Being gently attentive to yourself and your surroundings offers an opportunity to relax stressed muscles and relieve mental tension.
“The world is a joyful mystery to be contemplated” (Pope Francis)

4. Get some exercise. Take a walk. Move in whatever way feels good to you. Dance, skip, belly laugh out loud, swing your arms, intentionally walk up and down stairs. Physical activity stretches our bodies, relieves tension, and helps us to re-frame our day.

5. Go for a change of scenery. Sometimes just seeing something new or checking out something familiar from a new angle is enough to revise our view on the world. So, go ahead, rearrange your workspace. Write with a pencil and paper instead of a computer. Sit outside instead of at your desk. Stand instead of sit. Do whatever you need to change your perspective.

6. Create something. Picasso said, “Every act of creation is an act of destruction.” Destroy your blahs or your bad day by being creative in the midst of it; – write a poem, bake, or prepare a meal, play an instrument, dig the garden, play with a child using imagination, build something practical, knit, paint for fun, try colouring in or painting, it might be a shed, a fence or on a canvas -whatever is to hand that allows you to feel creative, it doesn’t need to be a masterpiece, build sandcastles, design something new. Create the day you want to have.

7. Take a shower. In the movie South Pacific, the character was going to “wash that man right out of my hair.” It did not work for her, but the stimulating experience can help when you are trying to wash away some negative feelings and reset your day. Give your skin a brisk rub before, during or after also to get the blood circulating.

8. Accomplish a small task. Take a few minutes to do the dishes, make a needed phone call, or do that washing. Completing simple tasks can clear mental or physical clutter around us and help to build positive momentum we can then carry into whatever is causing tension.

9. Write it out. Journaling about what we are thinking, and feeling can help purge negative thoughts, focus the chaos our minds might be feeding us, and give us space to explore creative solutions we may not achieve otherwise.

10. Pray: Praying is not about “saying prayers”. It’s about ‘relationship’ with God. Talk with God as you would with your most trusted friend. Imagine God walking with you, sitting and listening with you as you have a cuppa, work in your shed, dig the garden, hike in the bush or ride a bike -then give whatever is on your mind to the Lord and just ‘be’ in His presence. If you become distracted by worries, try gently repeating “My Jesus I trust in You.” Or simply “Jesus help me”. Something simple, heartfelt and genuine to help you go back to quietly letting God love you, just as you are.

A smorgasbord of these ‘resets’ can help bring refreshment to your body, mind and soul.

Simply Use the Questions below as Starters to Guide Your Sharing

  • Which of these ‘resets’ have you used recently?

  • Which would you like to try in the future?

  • Is there something you use that is not on this list?

  • How can simple resets enhance our Marist way of life and be a support to those we live and share with?

  •  The world’s media pulls us toward the sensational and the negative. What will help you intentionally focus on what is good…lovely… admirable…excellent?

Pray for each others’ needs, your community and the world.

Lord, I offer You my mind. May I focus on Christ in all things; Freed from anxiety and fear. Filled with wholeness and wellness. I offer You my spirit. In You I have been born again. Your Spirit dwells within me. My Spirit is alive in You; Freed from depressive thoughts and critical thinking. I offer You my body. May it be a temple to You O Lord; A place where You live and reign. May I be mindful of what I eat and drink. May I be watchful of my sleep and rest. Lord, I offer you my whole being; mind, spirit and body to You this day and everyday; together with Mary may I ever glorify and worship You. Amen.