The Symbolism of our Logo

Symbols are perhaps better when they are simply pondered.

If you take time to ponder this Logo you might notice amidst the simplicity:

– the mother and child embracing, encircled by all that supports life – family, community and faith

– the outside being open to receive: welcoming others to the community and life from the Holy Spirit

– the love, life and relationship between the mother and child flowing outward, open to the world and drawing back toward the centre, inclusive and generous

– Jesus and Mary are encircled by Joseph’s strong support, the life of the Trinity amidst the church 

– the blue reminds us we are under Mary’s protection while the white is evocative of the ‘Hei-Matau’, the stylized Maori fish hook symbol. It represents strength, prosperity, abundance, fertility and a great respect for the sea.

– Mary is often called ‘Star of the Sea’ and our Lay Marist family journeys within the boat of Mary.